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What We Do

Through a variety of platforms (conferences, retreats, seminars, workshops, webinars, podcasts, panel discussions, online magazine, life coaching, group coaching, and mentoring) we provide:

Education and Professional Development Services


  • Education in financial literacy, business development, and creating sustainable business practices to combat poverty.

  • College readiness and career development programs for college-aged students and women early in their professional career.

  • Programming on leadership development and instruction in organizational leadership.

  • Diversity and inclusion training.

  • Scholarships for emerging leaders from underprivileged backgrounds.

  • Grants for emerging entrepreneurs.

  • Programming centered on cultivating the life skills necessary to build a lasting legacy.

Personal Development Services


  • Relationship management strategies for personal and professional life, to include emotional intelligence.

  • Counseling and rehabilitation services for women and girls that have been victims of abuse, human trafficking, and sex trafficking.

  • Family counseling and strategies for balancing career and family life.

Women Build! Global - Final (Dark Brown)2.png

Charitable & Religious Services


  • Programming and partnerships focused on poverty eradication.

  • Spiritual empowerment and spiritual rehabilitation.

  • Training in developing a marketplace ministry.


Fashion Line


  • We not only believe in equipping women to reach their highest potential, we also offer a clothing line for them to wear their identity as builders with pride. Additionally, we provide a space for them to showcase their creativity with an annual fashion show. 

Women, Build! GLOBAL Network

  • A network for membership globally. 

  • An incubator for oversight, collaboration, and business launching.

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