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Women, Build! Global is a movement to empower women to build lasting and world changing legacies that impact the seven mountains of influence,


Create an environment that empowers emerging, enterprising women around the globe to pursue their highest potential.


Create environments where women who have been building can pause, receive a refreshing, and collaborate with other pioneering women.


Create environments for women to develop initiatives that will transform their communities.


Create an environment where women can go from fearful to courageous.


Provide high impact programming that cultivates the next generation of leaders and offers avenues for established leaders to take their experience to the next level.

Apostle Yolanda Stith


Apostle Yolanda M. Stith is the Pastor of The Father's House of Baltimore, MD. She is the founder of Charity’s Home, Inc., a charitable corporation that serves the needs of homeless children in urban cities. She is also the president of Women, Build! GLOBAL, a women’s empowerment movement for leading women. 


She has been sent to articulate God’s truths and to raise servant leaders in ministry in the 7 spheres of influence. She’s a woman of wisdom and through her ministry, God has transformed many lives. Through her creativity and insightful approach, she has gracefully taken a bold step into the media, arts and entertainment sphere. You will note with Apostle Stith, that worship, prayer and obedience are KEYS to advancement, of any kind.


She is a graduate of Lancaster Bible College, a student of Capital Seminary, thriving business woman, song writer, podcaster and a published author.


On March 23, 2013, Yolanda M. Stith was commissioned into the office of an Apostle and has labored faithfully to fulfill the assignment.


In addition to being a servant to God’s people, she is a servant first, to her husband and 4 children.

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